We have four available toilet styles: Premium, Premium Sink/Flush, Standard & Construction. All toilets include hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

OUR PREMIUM TOILET is the PolyJohn Fleet. We often get compliments from weekend customers and event organizers that “This is the nicest toilet they have ever used.” These units have the following features that make them more desirable than other toilets:

They are 4” wider than other portable toilets.

The tank is mounted at a 42-degree angle in the corner. This means that when you are sitting on the toilet, you are not looking directly at the urinal and it is farther away from your elbow.

The extra width and angled tank result in 40% more floor space than other units. This triangular space means there is more room for a larger person or a parent to help a small child.

All units have hand sanitizers, coat hooks, shelves, and mirrors.

The light tan and white colors do not absorb as much heat as units with darker colors. They are much brighter inside than most other units.

Modern styling, they don't look like the units at the city park that have such a bad reputation.

Can be labeled “Men” or “Women” for segregated use.

48” wide x 48” deep x 91” tall, 195 lbs


OUR PREMIUM SINK/FLUSH TOILET is a PolyJohn Fleet equipped from the factory with a fresh water sink & flush system. These toilets are just the thing for your porta-potty phobic mother-in-law or if you really need to keep people from using your bathroom. They are great for outdoor weddings and parties where food is served. Your guests will comment, “I never knew such a thing existed”.

All the features of the Premium toilet plus:

Water wash sink and flushing toilet.

Totally self-contained, requires no hookup to external water or drain.

Waste is hidden from view.

Anti-microbial foaming hand soap, paper towels and a wastebasket are provided.

Both the toilet flush & sink faucet are operated by foot operated pumps. You can flush the toilet and wash your hands with anti-microbial foaming hand soap without touching any flush or faucet handles. Unlock the door with your elbow or a paper towel and you've made a clean escape.

Can be labeled “Men” or “Women” for segregated use.

We often supply one Premium Sink/Flush unit for the women and a Premium unit for the men at weddings and large parties.

48” wide x 48” deep x 91” tall, 243 lbs., 20 gallons of fresh water.





Our Standard toilet is the Satellite Tuffway, the most popular toilet in the industry. It economically meets the basic needs for almost any event. All units have hand sanitizers and coat hooks. If all you require is a place to go and are not trying to impress anyone, this is all you need.

All units have hand sanitizers & coat hooks.

We maintain separate inventories of Special Event toilets and Construction toilets. The toilet supplied for your event has never been on a construction site or in a park.

44” wide x 48” deep x 88” tall, 230 lbs.




Our Construction toilets are either a Poly Portables Standard or a Satellite Tuffway.

Hand Sanitizer, Damage Waiver & Weekly Servicing are included in the standard weekly rate.




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